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Culture Days is Around the Corner

Culture Days, a three day event happening across the province, is coming up fast. Last year, Downtown Whitby hosted many fun and interactive cultural events at various businesses throughout our core. This year, we're hoping that many more businesses will get enagaged and welcome people in for a free, interactive cultural demonstration.

You can be creative! Culture is what you make of it, whether its a cooking demonstration, painting, poetry, music, flower arrangement, weaving, wood working -- the sky is the limit!

Plus, by hosting your event on, you get access to the province wide marketing campaign with your event hosted on their website and featured when people search for you, either by area or type of demonstration. 

Visit for more information.

Culture Days at a glance:

Every Culture Days weekend features thousands of free, hands-on, interactive activities where the public can discover the world of artists, creators, heritage experts, architects, curators, designers and other creative professionals in their communities.

With thousands of activities promoted through, our digital channels, and national media partnerships, we drive a multi-level national awareness campaign designed to inspire and catalyze greater public arts participation in all Canadian communities.

Culture Days is a collaborative initiative that welcomes public participation. Everyone has a part to play in Culture Days whether you’re already passionate about the arts or interested in discovering something new.

See the impact of Culture Days in the Reports page. 

Liam Nichols